“A good ladder company “Boss” will lead his men with pride….pride in the past, present, & future. A positive attitude goes a long way and the ladder “Boss” gives his men empowerment. He gives them the training, the tools, the trust and praise that they need. A close group of brothers depending on one another to complete the five major tasks….search & rescue, forcible entry, ladders, ventilation, & salvage/overhaul…….the “craft” , and that is what it is, is taught, embraced, applied, & fine tuned. It’s a fine art that not just any person can do. It’s good to hear other companies say that they were glad your crew was there…that means we’re doing it right. It’s important to me”-Capt. Ashley



We can not begin to convey how much this page has taken off and grown. This page is nothing without everyone that submits ideas, comments on discussion and keeps passing the word around about what we all do in the Truck function.  You all are the reason we keep doing this.

We have alot in store for 2013 so stick around for the ride.

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From both of us…Keep Truckin’ on

-Jake & Arthur